How To Spy On Text Messages iPhone or Android

In the past, those who have wanted to spy on text messages remotely have faced a lot of difficulties. Those who were trying to spy on an iPhone also had to think about whether or not they needed to jailbreak the device. There are lots of reasons why someone needed to spy on text messages, such as parents who needed to check on their kid’s phone activity, and employers who wanted to make sure that the company phones they issued to employees were being used as intended.

Spying on Text Messages is Faster and Easier Now

Fortunately, modern technology has advanced to the point where you could now spy on text messages by just purchasing, downloading, and installing a mobile app. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter if you need to spy on the text messages on an Android phone or an iPhone;  all you need to do is purchase a cell phone spy app that has the features you need, and then install that app on the phone you want to spy on. And for those who are looking to spy on an iPhone, don’t worry, because now you won’t have to take the risky move of jailbreaking that phone.

As a matter of fact, installing a spy app won’t even take a minute, depending on the app you are using. From our experience, we managed to download and install two spy apps on our test phones in under a minute: Auto Forward and Highster Mobile. Our tests included both Android phones and iPhones. All we had to do for the Android phones was to get physical access to the phone, and then quickly downloaded and installed the app in around 45 seconds. For the iPhone, we didn’t even have to install anything. All we needed was the iCloud login details.

Using The Spy Apps

Auto Forward and Highster Mobile works basically the same for spying on text messages. You will be getting information how to log in to your personal control dashboard when you purchase either of these apps, so now all you need to do is to log in to that dashboard to see all the text messages contained in the phone you are spying on. Not only the texts, but also iMessages in an iPhone. Take note: even the messages that were recently deleted can still be viewed if they haven’t been overwritten in the phone’s memory yet.

You can also use these spy apps to view more than just text messages if you want. You can view phone logs to see all the incoming and outgoing calls, all photos and videos on the phone, social media posts, and even keep track of the phone’s latest GPS location, just to name a few features. For someone who needs to monitor phone activity, this is a lot of valuable information.

As previously mentioned, we have tested two mobile spy apps in the process of writing this article. However, just to make sure that you buy the spy app that fits your needs, we recommend checking out the reviews at

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