Can Spy Apps Read Text Messages? How?

Can spy apps read text messages? It is just one of the many questions that are often asked by people when thinking about monitoring mobile phones. However, tracker apps serve various purposes for different people. Parents may use to keep an eye on their children’s activity on their cell phone and employers utilize it when checking whether or not there is a misuse of company devices and wastage of work hours. For whatever reason people employ spy software, a good choice of a spy app all boils down to the applications capabilities and functionality it offers.

A lot of phone spy apps have sprouted and most have similar features such as access to both sent and received text messages, calls, and GPS locations among others. But how would you know which to choose? Here are important points to consider.

  • Contact Number

Always make sure that the spy app company has a telephone number in cases when you have questions about the software, you can easily contact them.  It has to be a working phone number as usually when a company doesn’t have that, it sparks doubt about their legitimacy.

  • No Monthly Fees

Who would want to choose a program that could cost a lot of money with monthly fees? Of course, you wouldn’t or better, you shouldn’t. Monthly fees could lead to the unending ordeal of trying to cancel as fees pile up. Some programs offer one-time payment fees and free upgrades and you will still be able to access any phone for a lifetime.

  • Customer Support

Customer care is one of the invaluable things a program can offer. Go for a company that has LIVE and around the clock customer service, that way, you can contact them anytime, anywhere if you have questions regarding the apps.

As mentioned above, there are a lot of spy apps available, but here are those that have the best features fitting to your needs:

Auto Forward Spy

 This app works on both Android and iPhones and allows you to view all the target phone’s activities – from text messages, social media posts, and so much more. Auto Forward Spy has LIVE customer support that is very knowledgeable of the product. It comes with a 3-day FREE trial and a one-time price tag of $59.99 and no monthly fees.

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is best for iPhones and other Apple devices but works with Android devices too. A key feature of this app is that it lets you view new SMS messages and retrieve the old and deleted text messages on the phone. Also, it has a No Jailbreak program that lets you use the app if you are spying on Apple devices and are not willing to jailbreak it. Customer support for Highster Mobile is free and you get to talk with a LIVE person regarding your issues. For less than thirty dollars, and no hidden charges, combined with seamless functionality, Highster Mobile is your best bet.


One of the best utility tracker apps in the market, as it can scour hidden files of the phone or tablet. It is an excellent app to spy on text messages with its easy-to-use design.

Surepoint Spy

Relatively new in the market, Surepoint Spy makes sure it never disappoints. Good for both Android and Apple devices, but significantly best for spying on iMessages on any iPhone. Customer support is superb as they resolve issues quickly and a one-time purchase of $69.99, gets you all the amazing features of this app, with no additional costs.

Many have become so invested in the online world today, that’s why people have seen the need for cell phone monitoring apps. It may be for parents keeping a watchful eye on their children or companies monitoring employees for productivity such as reading text messages. One way or the other, phone spy apps will serve their purpose. You only need to choose the right and the best ones.

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